Trout Fishing in New Zealand - Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) and Rainbow Trout (Salmo gairdnerii).

Sea-run brown trout caught at the Rakaia River mouth.
A big sea-run trout from the Rakaia River mouth, Canterbury, New Zealand.
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Tying the Yellow Lady lure for salmon and searun brown trout - video on YouTube with Allan Burgess.
Yellow Lady Salmon Lure Video on You-Tube 5min 41sec
Pending World Record Rainbow Trout
trolling lure high country lakes Jensen Crankbait
The best time of day for trolling is generally the period between first light and sun up. It is a good idea to start trolling the lake on the side the sun will hit first. Then when the sun hits the water cross over and fish the shaded side before it too is in full sunlight.
Canterbury head waters trophy brown trout
Canterbury head waters trophy brown trout.
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Allan Burgess with a big brown trout from Lake Selfe, Canterbury high contry.
New Zealand truly is a trout anglers' paradise. We have 775 lakes that are at least 500m in length; almost 300 rivers; and an enormous number of small streams. Almost all contain trout which anglers are able to catch provided they purchase a fishing license and abide by the regulations regarding fishing season, permitted tackle and bag limits.

Trout fishing places around New Zealand. Trout fishing means many different things to different people. For many youngsters growing up in New Zealand trout fishing is in their blood. They perhaps start out worm fishing; move on to spinning gear; and later to a “proper” fly rod. You can troll for trout on a pristine South Island mountain lake, harl a fly while rowing a kayak on one of the Rotorua Lakes, spin fish from the shoreline or a dinghy, and cast for giant searun brown trout at the mouth of a Canterbury braided river. You can take trout on: brass spinners, soft plastics, natural baits, and best of all, on a fly you tied yourself the night before! has hundreds of pages about trout fishing in New Zealand and we are increasing the number of pages every day!

Record Size land-locked salmon from Lake Hawea
Jack Hoare, aged 15 years, caught this 7.5lb rainbow trout at the Groynes last Sunday at the Take A Kid Fishing day.
Monster Take A Kid Fishing Day Rainbow!
Opening Weekend at Lake Coleridge, Canterbury high country.
Coleridge Opening
Hope's Silvery
Searun browns come into the tidal reaches chasing the huge abundance of silveries which also arrive at this time of year. Trout caught often disgorge silveries when lifted from the water - their stomachs packed to overflowing.
Baches at Lake Coleridge
Lake Coleridge baches - The end of an era.
Lake Lilian - Canterbury High Country
Lake Lilian
Lake Henrietta
Lake Henrietta
Canterbury Lures: Barred Rock, Brunton No.1. R. Brunton, Christchurch.
Canterbury Lures
rainbow Trout PDD
Rainbow Trout - Colouration, Identification and Introduction into New Zealand
Brown trout-sea-run HH
Brown Trout - Colouration, Identification and Introduction into New Zealand
Brook Trout picture
Brook Char
Royal Wulff trout dry fly
Fly Tying - Royal Wulff with John Hey
Yellow Grass Hopper
terrestrial insects including a Yellow Grass Hopper
Randall Kauffman Stimulator Fly with John Hey
Randall Kauffman Stimulator Fly with John Hey
David van Rooyen, from Timaru, with his 24 pound rainbow trout from the Lake Tekapo Canals.
Lake Tekapo Canals Mega Monster
Rainbow trout taken on red and black Tasmanian Devil lure
Waiau Rainbow
Booby Trout Fly.
Booby Fly
Pending world record brown trout
One of the biggest brown trout you will ever see!
Rainbow from the Groynes Ponds.
Rainbow from the Groynes Ponds
Rabbit Muddler
Muddler Minnows
Waitaki River Rainbow Trout
Rainbow trout taken spinning in the Waitaki River
Brown trout from the Ashley River, Canterbury, New Zealand
Brown Trout from the Ashley River.
This big rainbow jack fish was caught from Lake Selfe
Lake Coleridge Canterbury High Country Opening Report 2011
This enormous blue catfish was caught on an Abu Ambassadeur 6500 baitcasting reel by Eric Fincher of North Carolina , USA .
Record Catfish
yellow rabbit streamer fly
Yellow Rabbit Fishing Lures
Silicon trout flies
How to make Silicon Trout Flies
I mitations employing the use of RTV silicon rubber sealant are possibly the easiest of all fishing flies to create. The silicon rubber comes in 75gm tubes and is available from most leading hardware stores and service stations. I've done a bit of messing around with this stuff and have found the best method of making them is as follows.
Aquafoils, Tillin's Cobra, Tasmanian Devil, & Johnson's Kobra
Ohau Canal, Salmon By-Catch in Reverse
Ohau Canal, Salmon By-Catch in Reverse
Plucky old trout lures
Old Tackle: Flopy and Plucky
The Plucky was a popular casting lure sold in New Zealand from the early 1950s until the late 60s. Few examples of this great fishing catching lure have survived down the years. Older readers as sure to remember it well. It was however a lure that was reasonably expensive in it's day.
Eel taken on a lure
Eel on a Rapala
Rainbow trout caught at Lake Selfe, Canterbury.
An African goes Fishing at Lake Selfe
rainbow tout Lake Selfe Canterbury high country
Lake Selfe Rainbows
Lake Selfe, together with near by Lake Georgina, have been stocked by the North Canterbury Fish & Game Council with rainbow trout from the Ngongataha hatchery, in Rotorua in the North Island.
Selecting a fly rod
Selecting a Fly Rod
nz trophy waters video CD
New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume 5
Fishing the Canterbury Lure Rod for searun trout, kahawai and salmon. fishing.
Canterbury Lure Rod
Unusual markings on Tekapo brown trout!
green beetle foam dry fly
The Beetle
N.Z. Killer Patterns for Trout
mallard drake killer pattern
These "Killer Style" lures are top fish takers. Mrs Simpson and Hammil's Killer can usually be found in the fly boxes of most successful Kiwi trout anglers.
Lake Rotoroa Lodge - Luxury Fly Fishing Accommodation - Nelson Lakes National Park, South Island, New Zealand.
Secrets of Lake Fishing - John Hey
Secrets of Lake Fishing - John Hey
Rakaia River Mouth Searun Brown Trout Fishing.
Rakaia River Mouth Searun Brown Trout
Mark with a rainbow trout from a Canterbury high country lake.
Canterbury High Country Rainbow Trout on spinning gear - Play YouTube 1min Video
Rainbow trout taken on Opening Day
Lake Coleridge
A chain of excellent small fishing lakes make up the Coleridge Group
trout from South Canterbury Lake Benmore
South Canterbury Trout Fishing
Waihi Boarding School boys spend some of their spare time lake fishing!
Spin fishing for trout - free to download ebook
Free fishing newsletter and FREE copy of our ebook: Spin Fishing For Trout in New Zealand - Click to download free pdf
Tassie Devil and Tillin's Cobra lures Teasers Sprig Flies
Sprig Flies and Teasers for Trout
The effectiveness of Cobra lures can be enhanced by replacing the hooks supplied with the lure with a more attractive sprig fly. These dressed hooks are also known as teasers. Tight Lines produce a range of dressed single hooks under the name of Kiwi Teasers
searun brown trout from Canterbury - Salmo trutta
Canterbury searun brown trout
Selwyn River Brownies
Luminous trout flies Doll Fly
Luminous Trout Flies
Rainbows are particularly curious of lumo flies as are landlocked salmon in the Canterbury high country. Brown trout will also take lumo flies and lures.
Fishing for salmon in the Waimakariri River
Tekapo Canal Tale
Fly Fishing Big Rivers
Fly Fishing Big Rivers
Giving Life to Trout Fishing Nymphs
Giving Life to Trout Fishing Nymphs
Woolly Buggar Trout Fishing Fly or Lure.
Woolly Buggar Fly
Zonker Trout lure
Zonker Lure
Red Shadow trout lure
Red Shadow
A Stroll Through Brown Trout Country. Les Hill and Graeme Marshall.
A Stroll Through Brown Trout Country. Les Hill and Graeme Marshall
Fishing for searun brown trout between the Waimakariri River bridges.
Trout Between the Bridges on the Waimakariri River
The Artful Science of Trout Fishing by John Hayes and Les Hill
The first thing that grabs the reader of The Artful Science of Trout Fishing is the stunning original photography both on the cover and throughout the book.
The Art of Trolling - A Complete Guide to Freshwater Methods and Tackle - by Ken Shultz
The Art of Trolling - A Complete Guide to Freshwater Methods and Tackle - by Ken Shultz
Cobra Lures from Tillins
Tillins Cobra
Tillin's have manufactured Cobras in Tasmania, Australia, since the 1950s. Tillin's make three different types of trout lure" the Cobra (5cm), the King Cobra (6cm), and the slightly larger Cobra (8cm). The later larger lure is mostly fished as a trolling lure behind a boat.
Trout Fishing Near Christchurch

Trout Fishing Near Christchurch

Kilwell fish smoker
Hot Smoking Fish
This is really a method better thought of as smoke/cooking, rather than the more involved cold smoking process traditionally used to preserve meats.
Fishing Map of New Zealand
Complete Guide to Sea-run Trout Fishing
Sea-Run Trout Fishing Ebook
Twizel Canals Ebook
Fishing the Twizel Canals Ebook
Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess
Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout
This enormous rainbow hen trout was caught in Lake Tekapo Canal.
Tekapo Canal Monster Rainbow
Joe's Opening Day rainbow trout taken on the fly rod.
Joe's Opening Day Success!
Johnson Super Special trout spinning lures
Johnson Super Specials
RTB Legend Lure - Bibbed diving minnow
RTB Legend Lure
Fingerling Hi Catch Crankbait
Fingerling Hi-Catch
The Joho is a typical brass spoon lure with a slightly concave face that causes it to wiggle in a fish-like manner as it is retrieved through the water.
Joho Brass Spoon
Johnsons Super Kobra is a proven performer for casting and trolling for trout.
Johnsons Super Kobra
First trout of the new 2007 season!
First trout of the new 2007 season!
Lake Brunner Rainbow Trout
Lake Brunner Trout Fishing
Lake Brunner is situated on the main highway between Canterbury and Greymouth via Arthur's Pass. It is a large lake being some 10 kms across at its widest point. Brunner is also quiet deep (over 100 metres in parts) and drops off rapidly around much of the shoreline. Set in spectacular bush-covered mountains it is a scenic delight.
2009 Edition John Kent's South Island Trout Fishing Guide
South Island Trout Fishing Guide by John Kent