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Eel on Rapalas and other lures
Fly Rod Selection - Tips on buying a fly rod
Hot Smoking Fish
Lake Brunner
Brown Trout caught by Pete Moore with guide Brent Beadle.

Brown Trout - Dan Sweeney with a monster brown trout.

Brown Trout - Lake Brunner
Brown Trout from Lake Brunner
Brown Trout - Butter coloured brown trout
Lake Brunner - High lake level
Lake Brunner - High lake level pushes into bush
Lake Brunner holiday homes
Lake Brunner - Weighing the catch
Lake Brunner from motel at Moana
Map of Lake Brunner
Panorama of Lake Brunner from Moana
Lake Brunner - Picnic on the beach
Rainbow Trout - Dan Sweeney taken near Lake Brunner
Yachting on Lake Brunner view from Moana
Lake Coleridge - Trolling on
Lake Trout - South Canterbury Waihi Boys
Lake Selfe Rainbows
Lure Rod - Canterbury Lure Rod for trout and salmon!
Rainbow Trout - from the Groynes Ponds
Searuns - Ashley River
Searuns - Canterbury searun brown trout
Searun Trout - Rakaia River, Canterbury
Searuns - Trout Between the Bridges - Waimakariri River
Selwyn River - Brown Trout
Spin Fishing Free ebook: Spin Fishing For Trout in New Zealand
Teaching Kids to Fish - Fish & Game North Canterbury
Trolling for Trout on Lakes' Coleridge and Benmore
Video - New Zealand Trophy Waters Volume 5
Trout Fly Patterns
Barred Rock
Black Phantom
Brunton No.1
Booby Fly
Chamberlain's Lure

Barred Rock, Red.
Barred Rock, Silver.
Barred Rock, White.
Barred Rock, Silver/Silver Dorothy. Wooster's Silvery, Brunton No.1
Red Shadow.

Canterbury Lures:
Dick's Haemorrhoid
Ginger Mick
Hairy Dog
Hamill's Killer
Hopes Dark
Hopes Silvery
Kilwell No.1, Kilwell No.2, Mallard, Lords Killer, Hammils Killer (dyed mallard and partridge), Mrs Simpson (brown and green).
Killer Patterns for Trout:
Luminous Trout Flies
Mrs Simpson
Muddler Minnows
Orange Witch
Parsons' Glory
Red Shadow
Silicon Trout Flies - How to make
Sprig Flies and Teasers for Trout
Yellow Lady
Yellow Rabbit
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Salmon, Trout or Kahawai
Otago Harbour Salmon Fishing
Bottling Salmon
Four Wheel Drive and riverbeds

Salmon 4wds

Limit Bag 1988
How to fix: Leaking Waders
Land-locked salmon
Salmon on the Fly
The dreaded "birds nest"
Changing Monofilament Line
Salmon Fishing at First Light
Salmon Methods 1. Zed 2. Colorado 3. Lure
Canterbury Lure Rod
Salmon Mates
South Island Salmon Rivers
1. East Coast
2. Waiau River
3. Hurunui River
Historic Hurunui Hotel
Hurunui River mouth looking north
Salmon from the surf
Jamie McFadden with the heaviest salmon
River mouth camping ground
Hurunui River Mouth - The Spit
Hurunui River Mouth - End of Spit
4. Waimakariri
Releasing a foul-hooked salmon
Check the carpark at McIntoshes Rocks
McIntoshes Rocks near the mouth
Salmon caught at McIntosh's Rocks
Waimakariri salmon caught from small boat
One of the few places anglers need a net
Salmon from McIntoshes Hole
North side of the Waimakariri River mouth
5. Ashburton
6. Rakaia River
Previous Rakaia River Salmon Contest
Playing a big salmon in the Rakaia River
Bruce Brown of Rolleston with two salmon
Bill Austin with his 12.910kg salmon
Rakaia Salmon Fishing Contest 2006
Johnny Richards with a limit bag
Salmon caught on Abu 7000 reel
Huge searun brown trout from Rakaia R.
Big run of salmon at the Rakaia R. mouth
Brace of Rakaia River Salmon
7. Rangitata River
Rangitata Salmon Fishing Holiday
About fishing for salmon at the "Rangi"
Leigh Tobeck 7.5 lb searun brown trout
The old (foot) and the new (motorbike)!
Accommodation North Rangitata Huts
A good productive spot near the mouth
Rangitata River salmon in top condition
8. Orari River
9. Opihi River
10. Waitaki River
Waitaki - The Salmon of a Life Time
Contest Winning Fish Weights, History, First Salmon Contest
About the Waitaki River - Waitaki Jet Boats 1, Waitaki Jet Boats 2

Waitaki River Salmon Fishing Contest.

Steve Thomson from Glenavy
Russel McGregor with Waitaki River salmon
Ian Hurst from Ashburton with salmon
Norm Thackwell 42lb Chinook salmon
Keith Reinke is one of the best salmon anglers around and a Waitaki River stalwart
Another monster Waitaki River salmon


11. Moeraki

12. Otago Harbour

Otago Peninsula Map
Salmon from Otago Harbour
A Drop-net is essential equipment
Otago Harbour is a "put and take" fishery
11,000 salmon smolt being released into Otago Harbour
13. Clutha River
South Island West Coast - Salmon Rivers
14. West Coast
15. Taramakau
16. Kaniere
17. Hokitika River
18. Waitaha River
19. Poerua River
20. Lake Mapourika
South Island Salmon Rivers - Map

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