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Boat fishing in Lake Benmore which borders Canterbury and Otago.  
Boat fishing for winter rainbow trout in Lake Benmore on the border of Canterbury and Otago.
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An inflatable fishing boat?
McLay 530
McLay 530 Boat Test
The McLay 530 Fisherman has been designed and built with the serious angler and diver in mind. This is a no non-sense serious fishing boat.
Aqua Jet
Aqua Jet
Aqua Jet inventor and designer the late Peter Keir came up with a brilliant new design that brings jet boating within reach of the average salmon angler! Peter utilized an existing 1600cc Suburu car engine to power his purpose built 150mm jet unit: the Aqua Jet.
Stabi-Craft 430
Stabi-Craft 430 Boat Test
Hundreds of this particular model have been built and sold over the years. Testimony to the enduring qualities of this outstanding little Stabi-Craft 430 design.
Porta Bote
Porta Bote
The Porta Bote is a brilliant idea for the traveling angler. Fold it up and tie it to the roof or side of your camper van
Stabi-Craft 509
Stabi-Craft 509 Boat Pictures
Your First Boat
Butying Your First Boat
New Zealand is an angler's paradise. From high country lakes, to rivers and the sea, angling opportunities abound. Even a modest craft will open up many new angling horizons for the budding boat owner.
Stabi-Craft 490
Stabi-craft 490 Boat Test
Having had a great run from the little Stabi-Craft 430 we were very keen to try out its big brother the Stabi-Craft 490 RBB.
13 foot self designed and built.
My Fishy Life
Most of this story is based in New Zealand where I was born in 1935. I guess I was about four when I caught my first fish. My older cousin who lived across the stream from me taught me to bend one of my Mums pins in the shape of a hook and using a length of cotton, presto, we were fishing! Bait was worms from the garden and we fished from the foot bridge between our properties.
Havelock Marina Video, Marlborough Sounds
Outboard Jet Units Salmon Fishing
How can these guys run their outboard in a braided river without destroying their prop? The have an Outboard Jet.
McLay 460 Softie
McLay 460 Softie
The Softie models are a relatively new development. The most notable feature of which is the closed cell EVA fendering running around both sides. This stuff is the same material that is used in your life-jacket. So one immediately obvious advantage is that the McLay Softie must surely be one of the most "unsinkable" of all water craft. This buoyancy is further enhanced by the addition of a fully welded 4mm tread plate floor creating a water tight compartment.
Wooldridge Jet
Wooldridge Jet Boat Test
The Woodlridge Jet Boat is a tried and tested design from Alaska. The alloy tunnel hull is imported and the boat is finished ready to run at Southbridge Engineering.
Build Your Own Grand Banks Dory
Plans to build your own Grand Banks Dory
Anyone with the ability to use power tools, and follow instructions can build their own Banker Dory by following our Banker Dory plans.
Build your own Grand Banks Dory at home!
Stabi-Craft Boats
Senator Boats
Seantor Boats
Inders Marineland Gore
Inders Marineland
Sea Surge Marine Custom built Sea Surge aluminium pontoon boats, designed and built by Rimu Engineering.
Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess
Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout
Coast Guard RIB on the Waimakariri River
Coast Guard in the lower Waimakariri River.
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