Lake Brunner Fishing Map - New Zealand's Best Trout Fishing Destinations

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Lake Brunner Map - Westland

Map of Lake Brunner which offers good brown trout fishing at Lake Brunner Westland and the Crooked and Arnold Rivers, South Island of New Zealand.
Lake Brunner with some of the "Top Spots" marked. The Hohonu Rivermouth is one of the best spots for fly fishing but you really need a boat to get there! There is excellent accommodation at Moana with a hotel, motel and camping ground. You can make day trips from Greymouth but it is 31 miles away.

Panoramic photograph of Lake Brunner from above the boat ramp at Moana. Most trout are caught Harling and Trolling on Lake Brunner; flyfishing is the norm in the feeder streams and Arnold River outlet. Lake Brunner brown trout caught fishing with guide Brent Beadle, huge brown trout, Lake Brunner map, a new Lake Brunner holiday home, sometimes the lake can rise over the Moana jetty following heavy rain, and floods the lake margins, yachts on Lake Brunner, there are some very good rainbow trout as well, another butter coloured brown trout, one last brown trout from Lake Brunner. Lake Brunner is a great place for fishing and family boating beach picnics to inaccessible places. A brace of dark coloured brown trout from taken trolling on Lake Brunner. A Fish and Game officer measures and weighs each fish entered in the local Lake Brunner fishing contest. A fantastic view across Lake Brunner from the motels at Moana. You can see trout rising here in the early morning stillness for miles across the lake.

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