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Whitebaiters Never Die. By Anita Peters and Murray Hedwig

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Whitebaiters Never Die
Exploring an Iconic Kiwi Culture
By Anita Peters and Murray Hedwig
Published by David Bateman Limited. ISBN 1869537491. Hard cover, 144pp, richly illustrated in colour. Size 280mm x 210mm
Whitebaiters Never Die. By Anita Peters and Murray Hedwig - Illustration.
This book documents and celebrates the characters who catch that most-prized Kiwi food - the whitebait. Whitebaiters are a breed apart and photographers Anita Peters and Murray Hedwig have spent over three years travelling the country talking to and photographing New Zealanders about their passion, and documenting the, at times, complex unwritten 'rules' that surround it.

Introduction by Keri Hulme.

"If you enjoy whitebaiting you are sure to enjoy this book. It is beautifully illustrated with colour photographs throughout." - Allan Burgess

Whitebaiting at the Rakaia River Mouth with Scoop Nets



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