Stalking Still Waters by Les Hill. ISBN 0-908685-04-1. 1997
Stalking Still Waters
by Les Hill
Published by The Halcyon Press
First published 1997

ISBN 0-908685-04-1

Size: 220mm x 140mm. 210 pp total. Black and white photographs. Lineart maps

New Zealand has many lakes containing rainbow and brown trout, with many South Island lakes also containing substantial populations of landlocked quinnat salmon also. In this beautifully illustrated volume Les Hill looks at a host of factors to consider aimed at successful still water fishing. Which part of a lake contains the most fish? What do lake fish eat? How do I catch them?

Les Hill has studied both zoology and hydrology. He comes at the challenge from a different angle in this educational and entertaining work. Clearly all lakes are different and knowing what to look for will surely improve your chances of putting a fish on the bank

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