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Trout Fishing in New Zealand by Rex Forrester
Trout Fishing in New Zealand
by Rex Forrester
Published by Madrona Publishers. Printed in New Zealand by Whitcoulls Ltd
ISBN 0-914842-42-0

First published 1979

Size: 250mm x 185mm. 207pp total. Many black & white photographs. Hard cover.

Though now somewhat dated after 26 years this book is still a good read and contains many interesting photographs. The author aims this work perhaps at the angler visiting New Zealand for Rex Forrester was at one time employed by the Tourist and Publicity Department. Trout Fishing in New Zealand covers the basics about fishing gear needed to catch a trout both on the fly rod and with spinning hardware.

He also looks at many other subjects including: trolling, guiding, when, where and how to fish, and smoking your catch . He also looks at various trout fishing locations around New Zealand and takes a short look at salmon angling in the south Island.


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