New Zealand Trout Frontiers by Adrian Bell

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New Zealand Trout Frontiers

by Adrian Bell
Published by The Halcyon Press - First published November 2007 - ISBN 1877256730
Size: 170mm X 240mm. 200 pp total. Colour photographs.
New Zealand Trout Frontiers By Adrian Bell

New Zealand Trout Frontiers – a journey of exploration through a range of venues, challenging myths along the way – is the kind of book you read when you can't go fishing, or when you'd like to go, but need inspiration to get you moving.

In a relaxed and readable style, the author entices his readers to follow him as he faces a variety of frontiers that must be breached for progress to occur in the art of trout fishing. Whether following a wild trout in a hazardous setting or grieving for a fish recently lost, he communicates the feeling of being in the midst of the challenge.

Techniques required to fish a range of waters in both islands are explored: all the way from rainbow streams high in the Ruahines to the braided rivers of the South.

However, this book is not just about trout and the challenges they present. There is a pervasive sense of gratitude as the writer marvels at the beauties of the New Zealand countryside, and the trees and animals which populate it. Possums, a deer, a mouse, tuis and skylarks inhabit this world.

Relationships generate humour as the quirks and vulnerabilities of the author, his family and others are exposed in a variety of fishing situations.

Superbly illustrated with photographs to support images vividly evoked by the text.

Adrian Bell began writing fishing articles in 1986. He is currently a column writer for New Zealand Rod and Rifle and was a regular contributor to New Zealand Fisherman and New Zealand Fishing News for a number of years. Monday to Friday he teaches English at a school in Rangiora and History via video conference to outlying schools.

Born on the West Coast and a descendant of a Pioneer farmer who swam cattle ashore at Waiarapa Bay in 1840, Adrian loves the outdoors, blending a love of fishing and photography. ‘Operating out of the environment' is what causes his blood to flow. Place him to long inside a structure with ninety degree angles and he develops ‘cabin fever'.

In winter, his need to get into the mountains becomes so overwhelming that he often makes the considerable journey to Lake Coleridge and back after school, frequently arriving home in the small hours. He likens this to putting an extra day into his week.

A wonder of the natural world sees Adrian with a camera slung over his shoulder every time he heads out. This dictates the type of photos he captures. It's not just about the fish, but the ambience of the total experience.

Adrian 's desire to create is not limited to writing. He has written and conducted the music for a number of choral pieces.

Adrian and his wife Vivienne live in Kaiapoi, but dream of the day they can move into a more rural setting – hopefully overlooking stream and mountain.

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