Lower Waimakariri River MAP Fishing Locations: Between the Bridges, Colombo Street, Banana Hole, McIntoshes Rocks

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Lower Waimakariri River MAP

Lower Waimakariri River MAP

1. Trout Between the Bridges. Top spot early season for searun brown trout (October - January)

2. Top spot for searun trout fishing.

3. Known as Colombo Street this is also a top spot for searun trout fishing between October and January.

4. The Banana Hole is a popular salmon fishing spot. Large rocks along the north bank make it similar to Mcntoshes Rocks. Best time for salmon November to March. Best month March.

5. Kaiapoi River Mouth. A top spot for salmon anglers both shore fishing and from boats.

6. McIntoshes Rocks. At least 500m long. There is a good casting spot here for everyone. Salmon are caught all along here. No one spot seems better than any other. Big salmon are caught from the rocks from one end to the other. Drive down Ferry Road and park in the car park before walking over the stop bank. Temporary toilet at carpark during salmon season. A salmon net is essential to lift heavy fish up on to the rocks. This area is extremely popular when good numbers of salmon are running the river. I once counted 27 boats of salmon anglers anchored along this stretch. Boaties are advised to stay well over to the south side away from fly salmon spinners. Boat fishing for salmon at McIntoshes Hole.

7. Waimakariri River Mouth north side. With dozens of anglers fishing both sides of the mouth some days one side seems to fish much better than the other. It was pointed out to me recently by John Hodgeson that the reason for this may be that in hot summer weather the relatively shallow lagoon heats up to be a few degrees warmer than the river. Then as the tide runs out this warmer water flows close to the south bank as it flows out of the lagoon! Salmonoids are very fussy when it comes to water temperature so this makes a lot of sense.

Unlike the other major Canterbury salmon and searun trout rivers the Waimakariri River mouth crosses a shallow sandy beach instead of loose shingle. Searun brown trout fishing takes place several kilometres upstream rather than at the river mouth - as occurs at the Rakaia or Rangitata, and Waitaki Rivers. Hence searun trout fishing in the lower Waimakariri River differs considerably with the river being wide, slower and estuarine in nature.

8. Waimakariri River mouth south side - This side is difficult to get to. Four-wheel-drive access from Spencer Park or boat from the north side, or you could walk and get fit. There is a locked gate at Spencer Park to which keys are available (lock changed each year - refer Spencer Park Camp Ground phone (03) 329-8721.

Each blue square on the map is 1km across. Sourced from NZTopo50-BW24. Crown Copyright Reserved.

Waimakariri River Salmon Fishing



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