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Trout & Salmon Email Newsletter 28 September 2012

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Trout & Salmon Email Newsletter
28 September 2012
Trout & Salmon Fishing Newsletter
Friday 28 September 2012
Hi Subscriber,

It is just a few days to the start of the new fishing season.
The 2012-2013 Adult Whole Year Fishing Licence Season starts
on 1 October and runs until the last day in
September 2013. In years gone by the 1st of October was eagerly
anticipated by freshwater anglers. Most of our rivers and streams
were closed to fishing over winter. That meant the willy trout
hadn't seen a fly or spinner in half a year! While most the
Canterbury high country waters are closed over winter it is no
longer the case in the eastern zone where the bigger rivers
are open all year.

The cost of a new fishing licence for
1st Oct 2012 - 30th Sept 2013 is as follows:
24 Hour: Adult $23.00, Junior $7.00
2012-2013 Whole Season Adult $120.00, Family $156.00,
Junior $24.00, Child free

Winter Season on sale 15 March, Adult $72.00, Junior $14.00

I was down at the the mouth of the Rakaia River on the weekend
catching a few trout (21-23 September) - mostly because the mouth
was unsuitable, read dangerous, on the south side for using the
Rakaia whitebait scoop net, and because all I was catching
surfcasting was spiny dogfish. For the record I kept one trout,
and released two others that evening.

You can see it here:

If you would like to try your hand at spin fishing for searun brown
trout in the lower reaches of our rivers, one of the best
spinning lures to use is the black Toby.
More specifically black with a couple of gold strips on the
convex side and silver on the concave side. I've made a quick
YouTube video on the Toby spinner. You can see it here:

More on the old Toby lure:

Rakaia River Whitebaiting.

The Rakaia River mouth is at least half way down the spit.
So it is a long walk of at least several kilometers from either
end at present. Plenty of whitebait being caught on the north
side by people and seabirds! Breakers crashing over the spit on
the south side make it too dangerous to fish at
present. There has been some good days whitebait at the Waimakariri
River mouth. Though it can get crowded on the north side by set

Trout Spinning with Braid

Nowadays almost every angler spin fishes for trout with light
braided line, attaching a rod length of mono to the end as a
leader so the trout won't see it. It seems that
if you are still fishing with mono only you are behind the times. So
what are the benefits of switching to braid on trout spinning gear?
Well there are several; the first of which is that it is harder to
break than mono for a given line diameter. It casts well on smallish
eggbeater reels. Perhaps the biggest benefit with braid is the lack

of stretch. It means you can feel every touch as the lure hits the
bottom, swings around in the current, or is mouthed by a trout! It
also sinks very quickly to gain depth when lake fishing. Most
anglers I have spoken to report they wouldn't go back to mono
once they have switched to braid.

My apologies for the break with your email
newsletters. My partner Ann passed away on the
27 June following a long battle with cancer.

Coming up: Canterbury High Country Opening on Saturday 3 November.

Like to add something to next week's newsletter, or wish to comment,
we would appreciate hearing from you at:

Until next time, best wishes and tight lines Allan Burgess

Until next time, best wishes and tight lines

Allan Burgess

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