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Surfcasting Beaches and Shore Fishing Around New Zealand
Amberley Beach Amberley Beach is situated 40 kms north of Christchurch. This beach doesn't seem to produce anything like the numbers of fish that can be caught in the Canterbury Bight south of Banks Peninsula at places like Birdlings Flat. The sea floor off Amberley beach is largely sandy and featureless.
Bethels Beach The Bethells and O'Neils beaches. These adjoining beaches are two of Auckland City 's more accessible west coast surf beaches.
Birdlings Flat MAP Surfcasting map for Birdlings Flat: Rocket Pad, Aerials, Poranui, Hill End.
Birdlings Flat A big sevengill shark caught at this popular canterbury surfcasting beach 2010
Birdlings Flat (2) Excellent surfcasting and longlining from this steeply shelving shingle beach one hour's drive south east of Christchurch.
Black Rock North side of Banks Peninsula. One of my old favourite haunts. Back Rock juts out into the sea at Taylors Mistake just over the hill from the suburb of Sumner. Just follow the walking track around from Taylors Mistake car park towards Boulder Bay.
Conway Flat Turn east off SH1 at the Conway River bridge and follow Claverley Road east towards the sea.
Gentle Annie Beach Half an hour by car north of Westport. Gentle Annie is a fabulous surfcasting beach on the north side of the Mokihinui River mouth. This really is a delightful wilderness area of mostly unspoiled native bush. There is a good camping ground on the other side of the river. The place is also popular with whitebaiters during the season. You can catch snapper, kahawai, rig, conger eel, stingray, gurnard and other species from this steeply shelving beach.
Kaikoura Goose Bay Near Goose Bay it is possible to catch barracouta for bait on salmon ticers while fishing from rocky outcrops. You have to use a foot of wire at the ticer or they will bite you off instantly.
Kaikoura Lions Surfcasting Contest Photographs from a surfcasting event held at Kaikour's Back Beach on 11 January 2009.
Kaikoura Surfcasting There are many miles of excellent surfcasting beaches at Kaikoura, particularly north of the peninsula on the Kekerengu coast. Most of these beaches are isolated from large populations of people meaning ther are rarely fished.
Kaikoura Railway Station There is easy access to this steeply shelving shingle beach right near the middle of town. There is even a very good camping ground on the other side of the railway line. A mate of mine recently caught a big blue moki off here at night. You can target quinnat salmon by casting and retrieving ticers. Some days kahawai come right in to the beach.
Kaikoura Wharf Located on the north side of Kaikoura Peninsula close to town.
New Brighton Pier Christchurch City. The best fishing from the pier is near the top of the tide. It is even better when high tide is at first light in the morning, or last light in the evening. Sometimes big fish are taken from the pier.
Tukurua Beach, Golden Bay, Nelson Located 18 kms north of Takaka and about 9 kms from Collingwood. This is an excellent surfcasting beach. Barry Toomey lands a 40kg eagle ray.
Tumbledown Bay South side of banks Peninsula. One of the more out-of-the-way destinations I used to visit on the southern side of Banks Peninsula is Tumbledown Bay. The area is so isolated that on several occasions I have spent the whole day there without seeing anyone.






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