Jigs, Poppers, Minnows and Soft Plastics for Sea Fishing

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Sea Fishing Lures: Jigs, Poppers, Minnows and Soft Plastics
Albacore Tuna Lures The best albacore lures are bright and glittery. You want a lure that really sparkles. The name of the game is to raise the tuna to the surface. Once they are excited, and “buzzing” around near the boat, they will take almost any sort of lure you care to toss over the side.
Elliot's Mighty Mackerel Mauler - Halco Max The Mackerel Mauler was originally released back in the late 1980s by Elliots. More recently the Australian lure company Halco purchased the design and have made some improvements to the lure before releasing it as the Halco Max in 2007
Lead Jigs These are made with the same method used to make sinkers. See: Making Sinkers.
Rapala CD Magnum One of the oldest and best. The Rapala CountDown Magnum is a fast running bibbed ocean trolling lure.
Rapala Saltwater Silver Jointed bibbed minnow designed for fast trolling particularly when targeting various tuna species.
Soft Plastic Lures Fishing soft plastics correctly is a subtle technique. It involves knowing how the lure is performing at any given moment until it returns to the rod tip, and how to impart life and movement to it to attract fish.








Australia's Most Popular Metal Baitfish Lure!







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