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Saltwater Boat Fishing Places Around New Zealand

Bushett Shoal

Bushett Shoal MAP

From Motunau Beach it is another 35km further up the coast to Port Gibson (no launching ramps) and from there it is a similar distance again up the coast travelling north-east to Bushett Shoal, and Bushett Rocks. To fish the Bushett Shoal reef system boaties must use the launching ramps either at Kaikoura or Motunau. Bushett Shoal is about half way between these two places.
Canterbury Deep Sea Charter Top boats and skippers are now working this sometimes wild and difficult coast taking keen fishos out on a unique angling experience. There has always been excellent fishing off Canterbury, it's just been hard to get at. After all thirty miles offshore in a 20 foot trailer boat is no place to be!
Cook Strait Groper Groper taken on the southern side of Cook Strait on a glorious calm day.
Fiordland Fishing aboard the Genesis II out of Deep Cove, Doubtful Sound, Fiordland
Fiordland Fishing Adventure It is not unusual to find depths of 100 metres or more only a few metres from the shore. It is not unusual to fish beneath a waterfall of the same height. In Fiordland it is not unusual to do the unusual!
Fiordland Bluefin Tuna A bluefin tuna caught by Steve Smith off Fiordland, in New Zealands deep south
Havelock Marina Havelock Marina Short Video. Gateway to the Marlborough Sounds.
Kaikoura Coast The combination of deep water so close to shore combined with the up-welling of deep plankton-rich ocean currents has created an extraordinary abundance of sea life. The sea is at times red with krill. There are always schools of kahawai and barracouta chasing silver sprats and other baitfish. You can always find birds working over schools of fish.

Mayor Island Hapuka

Mayor Island MAP

Account of a sea fishing trip to Mayor Island 22 nautical miles from Mt Maunganui, and the port of Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty aboard the large charter fishing launch Ohorere. The target of the overnight fishing trip was hapuka (groper) but various other fish were also caught including sea perch, orange roughy and yellowtail kingfish.
Motunau Beach The little settlement of Motunau Beach nestles at the northern tip of Pegasus Bay. That's about one third of the way up the coast between Christchurch and Kaikoura. The drive from the city takes little over an hour. There is a high turnout of boaties and anglers on most weekends. You are sure to catch a fish or two for dinner at Motunau Beach. Boats are launched in the river and must cross a shallow river bar. It is essential to time your trip so there will be sufficient water under your hull when returning.
Pegasus Canyon off the Canterbury Coast This is more or less where you get to if you head east straight offshore from the North Canterbury coast and keep on going for 25 to 30 miles. Out there you can catch groper, trumpeter, ling, blue cod, sea perch and sharks, as well as other species.






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