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Amazing Baits Salmon Ticer This is an excellent weight-forward salmon ticer. The brass hex rod has been cleverly cut so that the ticer is heavier at the front. This prevents the ticer from tumbling in flight which would rob it of casting distance. Includes video review of Amazing Baits Salmon Ticer.
Colorado Spoon Salmon Fishing Lure. Their advantage is that they can get right down to the bottom where the salmon are lying. The blade spins when the lure is retrieved so there is plenty of lure action even in still water.
Feathered Lures When fishing the fast water of the gut a feathered lure weighted with lead as shown will take your gear down to the bottom where the fish are.
Fly Fishing for Salmon In selecting a fly line for salmon you will need a shooting head, even if you choose to buy only one fly line this would be it and a type IV. This line is designed for very long distance casting. It is only 30 feet long and is attached to a shooting line which is a fine diameter fly line about the thickness of 30lb nylon. Buying salmon flylines and flies. How to catch a salmon on genuine fly fishing tackle.
Salmon Flies Zedabou Salmon Fly, Glo Bugs, English Salmon Patterns, Alaskan Comet and John Hey's Comet.
Salmon Spinners and the Importance of Winding Speed In general the longer spoons have a slower action. The shorter spoons have a faster action and vibrate more through the water. All the lures pictured here have an optimal speed at which they work best when retrieved. If you wind too slowly they have almost no action and flash at all. On the other hand if you wind your reel handle too fast they have a strong tendency to plane up to the surface where the salmon won't see them.
Super Salmon Spinners All about modifling shop-bought salmon spinners. Most salmon anglers fish with ticers and zed spinners straight from the shop. However, I like to "improve" mine by applying reflective prism tape, fluorescent paint, and reflecting eyes, to their otherwise dull surfaces. I find those lures that are straight off the shelf lack something in the fish attracting department.
Ticers These metal lures are the long range artillery in the salmon angler's arsenal. Designed for distance casting over breaking waves at the beach.
White Zed Spinners A few years ago I wouldn't fish with any colour zeddie other than silver. The only "improvement" I'd consider being the small red plastic tags that came with the lure when I bought it. Nowadays I almost never fish with a plain shop bought silver zed spinner. I have enjoyed considerable access over the last few seasons with white painted zed spinners.
Zed Spinner The zed spinner is by far the most popular lure used by salmon anglers fishing in the rivers. It is the lure that takes the most fish. Zed spinners come in a range of weights with the most popular being 28g.






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