Numph Fly Fishing Patterns for Trout

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Nymph Flies for Trout
Black Bandit Nymph John Hey ties John Morton's Black Bandit Nymph
Dragonfly Nymph The Dragonfly Nymph, known in Australia as a Mudeye, is commonly found in our lakes, ponds, backwaters and slow moving streams.
Goddard Caddis Dedicated fly fisherman we will know that trout consume huge numbers of caddis flies.
Goldheads Introduced from England; Goldheads have become popular in New Zealand.
Hare and Copper The Hare and Copper is probably the most popular nymph pattern used to fish for trout in New Zealand. Relatively easy to tie. It is a favourite of the home tyer. It is also possible to make numerous variations with different coloued beads, body shapes, and the like to suggest different insects from mayflies, to drowned spinners, hatching caddis and even dragon fly nymphs.
Horn Caddis The Horn Caddis is a pattern for spring creeks and river headwaters best fished by casting upstream and bringing it back close to the bottom.
Impressionist Nymphs Wiggle Nymph Damsel, Caddis Pupa, Blood Worm, Snail and Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear. Imparting movement to nymphs with John Hey.
Midge Pupa Whilst resembling a mosquito in appearance the midge is a non-biting insect of the Chironomid family commonly found in most areas of still water.
Nymphs - Giving Life to Nymphs John Hey looks shows how the fly tyer can add life to trout fishing nymphs. Adding legs to give movement, and Flashabou to give the appearance of trapped air. Also adding rubber legs, hackles, marabou, and rabbit fur all help to bring your nymphs to life and so trigger a strike from predatory trout.
Pheasant Tail Nymph John Hey ties this popular trout nymph pattern along with several variations.






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