How to: pour sinkers, tie rigs, fix waders, freeze fish, avoid sea-sickness and heaps more!

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How to: make your own, fix and use Fishing Tackle

Baitcasting Reels Baitcasting Reels and Casting Controls The first rule when learning to cast with a free-spool reel is to set the spool's mechanical brake adjustment knob correctly.
Bottle Salmon and other fish For many anglers the answer has long been to bottle the catch. In earlier years this was the only reliable way to preserve summer caught salmon for use over the winter months.
Lake Coleridge salmon Beginners Guide: How to Catch a Salmon at Canterbury's Lake Coleridge
Canterbury Lure Rod How to fish the Canterbury Lure Rod. This local innovation is used to fish for searun brown trout and salmon in the deep fast flowing water at the mouths of Canterbury's braided rivers.
Deep Sea Reels Buying a deep sea reel to use with low-stretch braided line.
Fly Fish in Big Rivers Most anglers choose to fish medium or small sized streams where they can spot and stalk their fish. However once you learn the fundamentals of fishing larger waters, like me, you will find that big rivers have some of the best fly fishing. - John Hey
Fly Rod Selection With such a bewildering array of fly rods available deciding just which is the best for you and your style of fishing isn't easy. Here are some useful background tips to start you in the right direction compliments of Kilwell Sports.
Freezing Fish Encasing fish in a protective layer of ice prevents it from coming into contact with air.
Glow in the Dark Trout Flies How to make luminous trout flies for fishing after dark.
Home-made fishing lure Here is a home-made lure for you to try out and perhaps improve on. The basic concept is to make a home-made lure that is simple to build, doesn't require the use of special tools, will cast a long distance, will be durable (won't fall apart when attacked by a tough fish), and finally is inexpensive to make. It reminds me of a time one Christmas at French Pass when everyone lost all their lures on kingfish and we searched around back at the camping ground for stuff to make more lures out of.
Jig Head Weights The most important thing to get right when fishing soft plastics is the weight of the jig-head. This rule applies equally to both saltwater and freshwater fishing. If you are fishing your soft plastic baits on a jig-head that is too light ...
Kontiki Sail Powered Fishing Raft Some old concepts on how to fish in the sea are a bit like the Southern Alps, time tested and still there yet not as well known as they could be! Fishing with sail-powered long-lines is a very old concept. In recent years battery and kite powered beach long lines are more the fashion.
Line Guides How to check line guides on your rods for cracks and chips that can quickly ruin your monofilament fishing line.
Looking After Your Salmon Catch If you are far from home or expect to be away all day or longer then you need to carry a chilli bin and ice to cool the fish down quickly or it will spoil in the heat.
Looking After Your Catch In hot weather fish deteriorates very quickly. You have to prepare your fish for the table starting the moment you remove it from the hook. This requires a bit of preparation.
Reading Good Fishing Water When fishing for both salmon and trout knowing where to find fish is ninety percent of the battle.
Rods Tips on inspecting, selecting and buying fishing rods.
Sea Sickness How to avoid it.
Silicon Smelt How to make Silicon Smelt Trout Flies.
Sinkers - Heavy Surfcasting If you need a few extra heavy surfcasting sinkers? Here is a "cheap and dirty way" to make some.
Sinker Making Lead sinkers are one of the biggest selling items of fishing tackle. Learn how you can make your own at home.
Smoking Fish I must admit that some of my earlier fish smoking sessions have produced less than perfect results. I finally caught on and would like to pass on the following advice.
Surface Poppers Surface poppers are easily made at home in the garage with just a few simple hand tools. They are made from wooded bodies, also called plugs, and have a strong wire bridle running through the centre to which the hooks, or hooks, are attached.
Surfcasting Gear Belt Surfcasters can do a lot of walking during a day at the beach. You can save your legs by carrying your regularly used surfcasting gear around your waist.
Surfcasting Trolly Here's a great idea for transporting your gear from car to beach all in one go. Not only does it save your legs but your back as well.
Thumb Caster Fine braid will cut your fingers very easily. Denis Moresby told me that one year when he was up at the Ninety Mile Beach Surfcasting Classic in Northland there was a bit of a commotion going on just up the beach soon after the event had started. It turned out that this bloke had tried to cast with super-braid and had cut part of his forefinger off!
Tide Tables Here is a good tip when it comes to tide times on your smart-phone
Trolling for Trout Trolling lures for trout and landlocked salmon in Lake Coleridge.
Tying Dropper Rigs Tying droppers in monofilament fishing line to form a sprat, surfcasting, or boat fishing rig is an important skill for any angler to learn. Just follow a few easy steps and with a bit of practice you'll be proficient in no time flat.
Waders: Fix that Annoying Leak. Have your waders sprung a leak? Don't throw them away you should be able to fix them yourself. Get a tube of Aquaseal from your tackle dealer or hardware store.
Waxing Rod Ferrules Doing this maintenance job once or twice each year will ensure your rod's tip section doesn't fly off when casting. This is particularly important with three section fishing rods; but wax should be applied to all rod ferrules.















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