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Twizel Canals Fishing Guide

How to fish the Twizel Canals
Trout and Salmon Fishing Places Around New Zealand
Ashburton Lakes In all nine lakes make up the area known as the Ashburton Lakes. These being: Lake Clearwater, Lake Camp, Lake Denny, Lake Emily, Lake Emma, Lake Heron, Lake Roundabout, Lake Spider and the two small Maori Lakes. Ashburton Trout Fishing Lakes MAP
Brunner, Lake Lake Brunner is situated on the main highway between Canterbury and Greymouth via Arthur's Pass. It is a large lake being some 10 kms across at its widest point. "Where the trout die of old age!"
Camp, Lake. Located some 40 minutes drive from Methven. Part of a group of windswept fishing lakes. First Saturday in Nov. to 30 April. Winter season in mouth of May.
Christchurch City Trout Fishing places near the City of Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand.
Clearwater, Lake. Located some 40 minutes drive from Methven. Part of a group of windswept fishing lakes. Spin and Fly fishing permitted. No winter season.
Coleridge, Lake Beginners guide to fishing at Lake Coleridge (includes video)
Coleridge, Lake - Trolling Trolling for land-locked quinnat salmon on this Canterbury high country lake. There are also brown and rainbow trout in the lake but salmon make up 80 percent of the catch. Lake Coleridge on Opening Weekend 2008.
Coleridge, Lake New TrustPower Lake Coleridge Freedom Camping Area

Coleridge, Lake

Coleridge Group Lakes MAP

Spinning, flyfishing and trolling. A chain of small fishing lakes make up the Coleridge group. Lake Coleridge is by far the largest measuring some 16 km in length. The smaller relatives are: Henrietta, Selfe, Evelyn, Georgina, and to a lesser extent, Lake Ida which is popular during winter with ice skaters. Fish for brown trout, rainbow trout and landlocked salmon.
Denny, Lake A small trout fishing lake in the Ashburton Group
Donne, Lake Very small trout fishing lake in the Ashburton Group
East Coast - South Island Salmon Fishing on the Braided Rivers of the South Island's East Coast.
Emily, Lake A small trout fishing lake in the Ashburton Group
Emma, Lake A small trout fishing lake in the Ashburton Group
Evelyn, Lake A long narrow lake skirting the Harper Road. In the Coleridge Group.
Forsyth, Lake Canterbury low-land lake south of Banks Peninsula. Lake Forsyth MAP
Georgina, Lake Canterbury high country lake. Georgina is quite a small lake at just 16 hectares and only several metres deep at most. To say that it is exposed to the full force of the nor'wester or south wester is an understatement. Spinning and flyfishing permitted. No winter season. It sometimes freezes over in winter.
Grasmere, Lake One of the Pearson Group of trout fishing lakes.
Groynes Ponds Rainbow trout caught during the April School Holidays at the Groynes Ponds, Christchurch. North Canterbury. Fish and Game release hatchery reared trout and salmon in to the Groynes each year as part of "Take A Kid Fishing." Fly fishing, spinning and bait fishing are all allowed.
Hawdon, Lake One of the Pearson Group of trout fishing lakes.
Henrietta, Lake Small trout fishing lake in the Coleridge Group, North Canterbury.
Heron, Lake The largest of the Ashburton Lakes at 6.3 sq kms.
Hurunui River Mouth MAP Fishing for salmon and searun brown trout at the Hurunui River Mouth, North Canterbury. Hurunui River Salmon Fishing.
Lake Fishing Secrets Lake fishing is unique and can be seen as more difficult than river fishing. John Hey looks at; "how to read the water when lake fishing."
Lilian, Lake Small Canterbury trout fishing lake near Lake Coleridge on Glenthorne Station.
Lyndon, Lake Canterbury high country lake near Porters Pass on State Highway 73 between Springfield and Castle Hill Village.
Maori Lakes Two small trout fishing lakes in the Ashburton Lakes group.
Mapourika, Lake South Westland - Brown, Rainbow Trout, and Quinnat Salmon
Marymere, Lake One of the Pearson Group of trout fishing lakes.
Ohau, Lake Lake Ohau Trout Fishing in the Mackenzie Country near Twizel
Ohau Canal Ohau Canal Salmon By-Catch in Reverse. BIG FISH close to the fish farms!
Opihi River Mouth Salmon and Searun Brown Trout - South Canterbury
Orari River Mouth Salmon and Searun Brown Trout - South Canterbury
Pearson, Lake The largest of the Pearson, or Waimakariri, group of trout fishing lakes.
Pearson Group Lakes Pearson Lakes: Sarah, Grasmere, Pearson, Hawdon, Marymere and Lyndon.
Rakaia Lagoon The Rakaia River exits the Rakaia Lagoon at different places along the shingle spit. The mouth tends to move eastwards until a flood opens a new mouth further towards the western end. Rakaia Rivermouth Topographic map.
Rakaia River Mouth The lower section of the Rakaia River from the mouth to several kilometers upstream is extremely popular with trout and salmon anglers. The best salmon fishing is between December and March. The best searun trout fishing is between November and February.
Rakaia River Mouth Searun Trout Fishing Watch for birds working close in to shore and particularly along the sides of the gut. If schooling silveries are present, and birds are working them, trout and kahawai are sure to be there even if sometimes they aren't chasing the baitfish to the surface. Searun brown trout here often run to double figures!
Rangitata River Mouth MAP The "Rangi," as it is affectionately known to most anglers, is a typical braided Canterbury river. The rivermouth in particular is famous for the quality of its salmon fishing. The Rangitata River often fishes well for salmon early season; November and December.
Rotoehu, Lake - N.I. October and November are the best months to fly fish for cruising rainbow trout from sandy beaches around the lake. Fewer anglers fish Rotoehu than Rotoma. Hatchery rared rainbow trout are liberated into the lake every year and make up around 40 percent of the anglers' catch. Good catch rates.
Rotoma, Lake - N.I. Rotoma is the forth largest of the Rotorua lakes at 10.8 square kilometres. It is 5.5 km across at its widest point. Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand. It is mostly populated with rainbow trout. There are also tiger trout.
Sarah, Lake One of the Pearson Group of trout fishing lakes. A fly fishing only water.
Selfe, Lake Lake Selfe is situated approximately 90 minutes drive west of Christchurch. There is thick bush and Matagouri around much of the shoreline. This can be avoided by carefully wading a few metres out into the lake. Big rainbow and brown trout up to 3kg. Spinning and fly fishing. Trolling only allowed by paddling!
Selwyn River George Ferris once described the Selwyn, in its hey-day, as being looked on as the best brown trout river in the Dominion. Though this exalted status is no longer fitting, Canterbury 's Selwyn River nevertheless still yields many a good fish, with brown trout weighing up to nine pounds or more not uncommon.
Selwyn River - Lower. The Selwyn River where it enters Lake Ellesmere offers brown trout fishing.
South Island - East Coast Salmon Fishing The best salmon fishing in terms of fish numbers and fish size takes place on the South Island 's east coast between the Waiau River in North Canterbury, and the Waitaki River , which marks the border between the provinces of Canterbury and Otago. These two rivers are approximately 300 km apart.
South Island Salmon Fishing Map The best salmon fishing in terms of fish numbers and fish size takes place on the South Island 's east coast between the Waiau River in North Canterbury, and the Waitaki River.
Spider Lakes Several small trout lakes just off the Hakatere Potts Road, Ashburton Lakes.
Tarawera, Lake - N.I. Most Lake Tarawera trout fishing is done from boats; which are better suited to fishing at greater depths by deep trolling over summer - when fish will be deeper. Lake Tarawera has a well deserved reputation as a producer of very large rainbow trout between 4 and 7 kgs.
Taupo, Lake The wild rainbow trout fishery centered on Lake Taupo, and its tributaries, is justly famous the world over for being one of the most productive anywhere. Many visiting overseas anglers travel to New Zealand for the sole purpose of trying their luck in this premium trout water. Lake Taupo Fishing MAP
Tekapo, Lake, Canals This enormous size of some of the trout caught in the Lake Tekapo canals has to be seen to be believed. Huge rainbow trout are caught there
Tekapo Canal Another unbelievably fat rainbow trout.
Tekapo Canal 25 lb rainbow trout.
Tongariro River Of the six rivers that flow into the eastern side of Lake Taupo the Tongariro River is by far the most famous offering some of the best trout fly fishing to be found anywhere in the world.
Waiau River Mouth MAP The Waiau River marks the northern boundary of Canterbury 's tremendous wild searun salmon fishery. The river does have good salmon runs but these tend to be sparodic. There is excellent trout fishing in the mid and upper Waiau River.
Wairau River Diversion Wairau River Diversion, Marlborough - Whitebaiting, Sea-run Trout, Kahawai, Red Cod, Flounder - Video
Waitaki River Mouth MAP The Waitaki River is renown for producing the heaviest salmon. It also tends to fish best later in the season March and April. Excellent searun brown trout fishing.
Waimakariri River Salmon Fishing Kahawai and salmon fishing at the mouth of Canterbury's Waimakariri River.
Waimakariri River MAP Lower Waimakariri River MAP - Excellent searun brown trout and salmon.
Waimakariri River “Between the bridges,” is a popular spot for anglers chasing searun brown trout after work. The two bridges are: the new northern motorway bridge, and just a couple of hundred metres downstream, the old main north road bridge, very close to the city of Christchurch. Rainbow trout are also caught there.






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