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Fishing the Twizel Canals ebook by Allan Burgess

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Fishing the Twizel Canals

Tackle and techniques for trout and salmon fishing in the hydro canals of the Upper Waitaki Power Development Scheme, around the South Canterbury town of Twizel

The hydro canals of the Upper Waitaki Power Development Scheme, centered around the South Canterbury town of Twizel, offer some of the best freshwater fishing to be found any where in New Zealand. The big well conditioned trout and salmon in these man-made canals represent an interesting and challenging target for novice and experienced anglers alike.

For the beginner, fishing the canals, there is a much greater chance of catching a fish than would otherwise be the case in a normal river or stream. For the more experienced fisherman, or woman, there exists a golden opportunity to try out different techniques and tackle than one might otherwise use. At times there are so many fish present that it is almost impossible not to hook one on every cast. At other times you can be forgiven for thinking that all the fish have gone from the canal entirely!

Twizel Canals Salmon
Berkley Gulps
Berkley Gulp soft-baits showing how to rig for increased swimming action in still water.

In the Ohau and Pukaki Canals the catch is overwhelmingly Quinnat salmon. Although salmon are liberated into the canals by Fish and Game they also contain salmon that have escaped the farming pens for one reason or another.

There are many giant brown and rainbow trout present together with the salmon. I’m talking 37 pound rainbows, 45 pound browns and “double figure” salmon.

Fish farming is the main reason the fishing hereis so good at the moment. The salmon are feed by workers tossing scoops of feed pellets across the surface water of the pens. Not all of the pellets are eaten by the inhabitants of the pens as they descend. It appears a fair percentage of pellets pass right through the bottom of the nets only to be snapped up by wild fish. This can’t be good if you are paying big money for feed only to have some of it sink out the bottom of the pens!

One of the main reasons the pellets are feed out by hand is to minimize wastage. Sometimes the farmed salmon are hungry and other times not. It is the job of the person feeding out to determine the mood of the fish and feed out accordingly. Nevertheless most of the “wild” salmon caught by anglers either contain pellets, or have a condition factor so high that they obviously have been recently. The salmon caught by anglers in the canals where there are fish farms are short and stocky, and always give a good account of themselves when hooked.

Dave Green 25lb rainbow trout caught in the Twizel Canals.
Dave Green with his massive 25lb rainbow trout caught in the Twizel Canals.
Keith Chin with a very chunky rainbow from the Canals.
Keith Chin with another very chunky rainbow from the Twizel Canals.

The water in the canals is controlled by Meridian Energy. As water is drawn-off to power the turbines for electricity generation the water level drops and the otherwise still water begins to flow. It can move at a walking pace, speed up and slow down, and even flow back the other way, all in the same afternoon! We’ll take a look at what this means for the fishing and how you can combat these strange water flows.

You may be interested to know that the canals fish well all year round. Even in the middle of winter when a hoar frost can grip much of the Mackenzie Basin the fishing can still be very good. Warm clothing and a warm place to stay are obviously going to be very important if fishing the canals in mid-winter.

Getting together with a few mates and heading down to the canals for few days fishing has become very popular too. A little friendly competition between mates adds to the enjoyment of fishing in this wonderful area.

What's in Fishing the Twizel Canals?

A little Bit of History, Salmon Farming in the Canals, Bait Fishing Methods, Soft-Bait Fishing the Canals, Grey Ghost - A true Story, and Canal Fishing Spots.

If you have been thinking about heading to the Twizel Canals to see what all the fuss is about this then this book is for you. It shows you were to fish, which are the best fishing methods and why.

With 71 pages of unique content, 94 colour photographs, map marked with the best fishing spots. All in a high resolution .download-able .pdf. In this latest ebook from Fishingmag's Allan Burgess you'll learn everything you need to know to catch trout and salmon in the Mackenzie Country hydro canals, South Canterbury.

You'll be amazed at just how good the fishing can be in the Twizel Canals! Not only are there large numbers of salmon between 2 and 4 pounds, there are also plenty of larger fish as well. There are some very large salmon as well and rainbows and brown trout. Take a look at Dave Green's huge 25 pound rainbow trout (above right) and there are even bigger fish being caught from the canals all the time.

Salmonids (trout and salmon) grow very quickly when there is a good food supply regularly available. There is obviously a very good food supply available to the fish in the canals of the Upper Waitaki Power Development Scheme!

Fishing the Twizel Canals ebook comes in .pdf format so that you can purchase, download, and read it all on your smart phone. The easiest way to do it is to download it to your computer and then transfer your book to your phone with a USB cable. Then you can read it at home on your computer, plus you can read all about fishing the canals while you are at the canals! Kind of strange modern technology, I know, but very cool though. There are dozens of colour pictures in the book and they look amazingly sharp and clear on your phone or computer.

Another advantage of having Fishing the Twizel Canals on your smart phone is that you can read the fishing locations map to find your way around straight off your phone!


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