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Directory of Feathered Lures - Streamers - Rabbit Lures - Smelt Patterns - New Zealand Trout and Salmon Fishing Flies

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Feathered Lures, Smelt Patterns, Rabbit Lures, Marabou Streamers
Barred Rock An excellent old Canterbury lure that is very good for searun brown trout streamer pattern. The popular body coloures are silver, white, yellow and red.
Black and Green Marabou Tied to imitate a small fish, freshwater crayfish, or perhaps a dragonfly nymph, the Black and Green marabou is one of the most popular coloured marabou lures sold. Also included in this article is the excellent Gary's Green Marabou
Black Phantom Originally by Kilwell Sport of Rotorua. It is a top New Zealand night fishing lure.
Black Pete Black Pete is the invention renowned Christchurch fly tier John Morton.
Booby Trout Fly This fly floats. When fished on a fast sinking line it is a deadly lake lure for trout.
Brunton No.1, Brunton Red Another popular Canterbury trout fishing lure or streamer fly. It's creator was Lou Brunton.
Canterbury Lures Better known as lures, they were often tied with soft hen hackles to give a shorter fatter appearance. Used to target big trout and searun trout in fast water.
Chamberlain's Lure Attributed to A.P. Chamberlain of Lakeside. The same Chamberlain of Chamberlain's Ford and Domain (popular picnic area). This lure I would class as a night lure.
Dorothy - Silver Though the Dorothy comes in many body colour combinations I think the silver tinsel body version is the most popular and the biggest seller
Dick's Haemorrhoid Originally tied by Greg Walls of Cromwell Dick's Haemorrhoid has proven to be a top fish taker when harling on the Central Otago Lakes.
Doll Flies John Hey looks at another favourite night fly for you to tie. It is the Doll Fly. Most flies are tied to match the hatch or imitate underwater life that represents a particular trout food. The Doll Fly is simply an attractor fly.
Ginger Mick A popular harling and trolling fly on the Rotorua Lakes and Lake Taupo.
Grey Ghost The Grey Ghost trout lure was introduced by Kilwell Sports of Rotorua at least 40 years ago. It is a popular smelting fly for fishing the central North Island lakes of Taupo and Rotorua. It also makes a good searun trout pattern for fishing Canterbury River mouths partiuclarly when the water is clear.
Hairy Dog The Hairy Dog originates from Lake Taupo. I like this fly not only for its effectiveness as a night fly but also because it is one of the easiest of all the streamer flies to tie.
Hamill's Killer - John Hey The Hamill's Killer in the lager sizes represents a cock-a-bully. In the smaller sizes it makes a good dragonfly nymph.
Hamill's Killer - Allan Burgess A wonderful New Zealand Killer pattern the invention of Bill Hamill of Hamills Sports.
Hopes Dark This Canterbury night lure is one of the Hopes Series. A top trout lure.
Hopes Silvery The Hopes is a typical Canterbury lure tied in the Matuku style streamer fly with the added blue floss making the job slightly fiddler. After you have tied a few trapping the floss beneath the winds of oval tinsel becomes second nature.
Luminous Flies and Trout Lures Rainbow trout are particularly curious of lumo flies as are landlocked salmon in the Canterbury high country. Browns trout will also take lumo flies and lures.
Killer Patterns When fishing clear water streams and lakes they are very effective trout fly.
Lord's Killer A top Killer style pattern. The invention of Frank Lord of Rotorua.
Mallard Killer Another of the New zealand Killer patterns.
Mrs Simpson A New Zealand Killer pattern.
Muddler Minnow Trout Lures The muddler minnow is an imitation of a small bait fish; particularly a bully. It can also be fished as a surface dry fly to suggest a cicada or grass hopper.
Muddler Minnows The name Muddler Minnow comes from the scientific description of the sculpin family. Muddler is also the name used locally in that part of Canada for these small fish. The Muddler is one of the most versatile trout streamer fly patterns.
Orbit, Green The name Orbit is a play on the name of its creator Wilfred Beaumont-Orr who operated a tackle store in Taupo during the 1930s. It is a popular trout fishing lure used for fishing the central North Island lakes.
Paddle Tail Garth Coghill of Rotorua is the creator of this excellent modern trout fishing lure. At first glance it appears to be a small hard-bodied trout fishing lure. It has more in common with a clipped deer hair muddler pattern. A brilliant creation and great trout taker.
Parsons' Glory - Allan Burgess The fly is very popular for trolling on Lake Taupo and the Rotorua lakes, is used extensively for fly fishing at stream mouths which feed these lakes, and is also popular with South Island trout anglers.
Parsons' Glory - John Hey Strange as it may sound my favourite lure for searun trout fishing in Canterbury is a well known Taupo fly called the Parsons Glory.
Rabbit Lures The most popular coloured rabbit lure is yellow but there a many other good colours you can try: black, red, green, and olive. See also the Tying the Yellow Rabbit Lure.
Rabbit Muddler John Hey takes a look at tying and fishing the Rabbit Muddler. This is a New Zealand adaptation of the famous American trout fly pattern the Muddler Minnow.
Red Shadow John Hey ties this favorite of Canterbury Lure anglers.
Taupo Tiger and Tiger Ross The Taupo Tiger is one of the most popular trout flies sold in New Zealand. It was according to Keith Draper in New Zealand Trout Flies, the original creation of James Ross of Napier in the early 1930s.
Silicon Smelt How to create Silicon Smelt trout fly patterns with Allan Burgess.
Silicon Smelt for Tongariro Delta Silicon Smelt as used by Louie DeNolfo who in the early 1990s was a top professional trout fishing guide who operated around Lake Taupo, the Tongariro River and the Rotorua lakes - his particular speciality being trophy trout at Lakes Otamangakau, Okataina, Rotoiti and Aniwhenua.
Witch, Orange An attractive old Canterbury pattern once popular around Lake Ellesmere.
Woolly Buggar This is an excellent attractor pattern for river and lake fishing.
Wooster's Silvery This old Canterbury lure is deadly on searun brown trout.
Yellow Lady John Hey targets salmon on genuine fly fishing tackle with the Yellow Lady lure.
Yellow Lady - Allan Burgess The Yellow Lady is a popular harling lure for lake fishing. It is also very popular in Canterbury where it is used as a searun trout and salmon fishing lure at rivermouths.
Yellow Rabbits Once the rabbit pelt strip becomes wet it has a very fish-like sinuous action when worked through the water. One of my favorite trout streamer flies.
Zedabou Lure The Zedabou Salmon Lure can be tied in a wide combination of colours with pink and silver being a good colour on fine clear days with more somber colours on dull over­cast days.
Zonker Lure The Zonker flies are one of my favourites. The pattern originally came from America. It makes a great searun trout lure for river mouth fishing.






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