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Dry Flies for Trout Fishing
Adams It represents a numerous different coloured and shaped mayflies. Designed with a hackle collar to float on the surface.
Attractor Flies The name of this fly is a Simulator and was invented by Randall Kauffman. I have seen this fly even tied with rubber legs recently. The fly is tied on a hook that has a slight curve in the shank and a straight eye, a model Kamasan has in B220.
Beetles Beetles begin to hatch around October and continue to do so until late January and early February. The brown beetles are the first to begin hatching followed by green beetles.
Brown Beetles You might only use this pattern for six to eight weeks but it will be some of the best dry fly fishing early season before Christmas. John Hey looks at an old favorite.
Cicada Song On hot summer days it isn't long before the hungry trout are looking up for them. They take floating cicadas from the surface with great gusto!
Cicada - Ian Cole Wanaka Fly Fishing Guide Ian Cole offers some advice on this summer time fly! Ian says it would be quite foolhardy to venture out on a hot summer day without at least a couple of cicada imitations in the flybox.
Cicada The cicada pattern is a simply fly to create to imitate this chirping summer insect.
Coch-Y-Bondhu The Coch-Y-Bondhu fly is a beetle pattern of Welsh origin. It can be tied with or without a tail, and can be fished as a nymph in the smaller sizes.
Elk Hair Caddis - with Ian Cole Caddis flies, or sedge flies as they are more commonly called in the U.K., form an extremely important food source; to trout.
Elk Hair Caddis The Elk Hair Caddis is another relatively simple pattern to tie and so makes a great fly for the novice to start out on. It is also a great fish catcher!
Humpy The Humpy is a buoyant fly that sits high making it a good choice in fast broken water. It can also be used to imitate numerous insects. It is one of the most popular dry fly patterns sold in New Zealand.
Love's Lure This is a versatile pattern representing anything from a cicada to a blowfly.
March Brown While most of the dry flies are tied with deer hair to make them float, the March Brown is tied with a hackle of brown partridge which is a very soft hackle.
Mouse Fly Fishing the mouse fly. Made from deer hair this mouse fly is deadly fished at night for big brown trout.
Royal Wulff The Royal Wulff is one of the most popular trout dry flies sold in New Zealand.
Terrestrial Insects The wasp, waterboatman, black and yellow cricket, beetles and bees with John Hey





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