Freshwater Trout Fishing Lures - Soft Plastics - Bibbed Minnows

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Freshwater Lures, or Crankbaits, and Soft Plastics for Trout
Berkley Gulp Berkley Gulp! Live! Minnows. These are one of the most popular soft-baits sold is New Zealand. They are ideally suited to trout and salmon fishing as they closely resemble smelt in the 3 inch (8cm) size. These are secented soft-baits.
Devon Although it's popularity has declined some what in the last twenty years, the Devon minnow is nonetheless one of the oldest lure types still in regular use.
Fingerling Hi-Catch Made by Luhr Jensen of Hood River, Vancouver, Canada. The Fingerling Crankbait bibbed minnow is made from tough injected moulded plastic. Overall length is 100 mm, of which 25 mm is a broad clear plastic bib.

Johnson Super Kobra

Made in the Australian Island state of Tasmania. The Super Kobra has the name Super Kobra embossed in one of the plastic fins. Catalogue Page: 1, 2. It has a distinctive forked tail. All Super Kobras have red eyes. Johnson Super Kobra Trout Lures Colour Chart.
Johnson Super Special It is made from high impact plastic. The Super Special has no wings, instead it relies on an angled front face to give it action through the water. The lure is quite small making it ideal for spinning in clear water to weary trout. It is also a good choice for trolling. Johnson Super Kobra Trout Lures Colour Chart.
Joho Brass Spoon The Joho is a typical brass spoon lure with a slightly concave face that causes it to wiggle in a fish-like manner as it is retrieved through the water. Its shape is distinctive in that the front half and rear half of the spoon are identical or symmetrical.
Mepps Black Fury One of the most effective trout spinners available. Excellent for fishing small clear water streams.
Plucky and Flopy The Plucky was a popular casting lure sold in New Zealand from the early 1950s until the late 60s. Few examples of this great fishing catching lure have survived down the years. Older readers as sure to remember it well. It was however a bibbed minnow lure that was reasonably expensive in it's day.
RTB Legend Lures Available in Minnow 5 cms which is shallow runner down to about 1.5 metres (5 feet) and Minnow Shad 7 grams which is a deep runner down to about 3 metres 10 feet).
Sprig Flies and Teasers The effectiveness of Cobra lures can be enhanced by replacing the hooks supplied with the lure with a more attractive sprig fly. These dressed hooks are also known as teasers. Tight Lines produce a range of dressed single hooks under the name of Kiwi Teasers.
Tasmanian Devil A hugely popular trout spin fishing and trolling lure in New Zealand. It comes in an incredible 96 different colours.
Tillins Cobra Tillin's have manufactured Cobras in Tasmania, Australia, since the 1950s. Tillin's make three different types of trout lure" the Cobra (5cm), the King Cobra (6cm), and the slightly larger Cobra (8cm). The later larger lure is mostly fished as a trolling lure behind a boat.
Toby Brass Spoon The world's most efficient all-round lure. Originally designed in Sweden by ABU, this long brass spoon was a top seller in New Zealand. It is also called a Turbo.






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