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The Complete Guide to Surfcasting book illustration.
The Complete Guide To Surfcasting - Ebook
Keith Chin, Waimakariri Rangers Salmon Fishing Contest March 2014
Keith Chin, Waimakariri River Rangers Salmon Fishing Contest March 2014
Sprat shaped kahawai lure.
Why I think a sprat shaped lure is the best for targeting kahawai
Silver and red jig for kahawai fishing in Allan's Blog Kahawai Fishing
Allan's Blog Kahawai Fishing
Allan Kaikoura with two kahawai
Kaikoura Highway Kahawai Fishing
Wairau River Fishing and Whitebaiting
Wairau River Pictures & Video
Rig Shark
Rig Shark in the Catch Gallery
Amazine Baits Ticer Review
Amazing Baits Ticer Video Review
yellow-eyed Mullet Video
Yellow-eyed Mullet Fishing Video
Jack mackerel 100
Jack mackerel
Brook Trout picture
Brook Char
Yabbies for bait - picture
Catching Yabbies
swimming crab or paddle crab
Swimming Crab
Bluenose Warehou Hyperoglyphe-antarctic
Bluenose Warehou
Fishing the Twizel Canals on your smart phone.
Which is the best surfcasting reel?
Moki in the Forum
Moki - See the latest in the Forum Surfcasting Catch Gallery
4x4s for Fishing ebook
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Complete Guide to Sea-run Trout Fishing
New Multi-Media Ebook
Twizel Canals Fishing Guide
How to fishing the Twizel Canals
Havelock Marina, Marborough.
Havelock Marina
Rough Skate
Rough Skate Video
Barracouta shred baits off Otago Peninsula.
All that remains of a barracouta bait after a few minutes over the side. It has been shredded by other barracouta!
Snapper caught at Mapua opposite Rabbit Island.
Rabbit Island Surfcasting
Charles Smith from The Complete Angler with a massive 29lb brown trout
Charles Smith from The Complete Angler with a horse of a brown trout.
Fishing the Twizel Canals eBook
The hydro canals of the Upper Waitaki Power Development Scheme, centered around the South Canterbury town of Twizel, offer some of the best freshwater fishing to be found any where in New Zealand.
Fishingmag Salmon Forum Latest
Read all about what is happening on the salmon fishing scene in Canterbury.
Brown Trout identification picture
Brown Trout - Colouration, Identification and Introduction into New Zealand

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Rainbow trout - Identification and Introduction into New Zealand
Rainbow Trout - Colouration, Identification and Introduction into New Zealand
Mackinaw trout photograph
Mackinaw trout, or Lake Char - Salvelinus namaycush
Common Smelt – Retropinna retropinna
Common Smelt - New Zealand Fishes
Large Sevengill Shark picture
Sevengill Shark taken surfcasting
Allan Burgess at Lake Coleridge
Allan Burgess
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Recreational sea fishing: Know the Limits
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D.o.Conservation Taupo Trout Fishing
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Techniques and methods used to target sea-run trout throughout New Zealand. Sea-run brown trout by their very nature of going to sea, and later re-turning to our coastal rivers, have been able to colonise almost every coastal river, stream, estuary and lagoon throughout New Zealand.
In the short clip above: The salmon season is quite short running from January to March. To have a real chance of catching a salmon it is essential that you take every opportunity to fish for them during this period.
Kaikoura salmon catch
A good salmon caught at Kaikoura
Keith Chin with a big rainbow trout from the Twizel Canals
Dave Green Twizel Rainbow
Fishing the Twizel Canals eBook
Lake Ohau Fishing
Lake Ohau Fishing
Kingfish Waimakariri River Mouth
Yellowtail Kingfish caught at the mouth of Canterbury's Waimakariri River on 6 January 2012
Super Kobra trout fishing lure
No.10 Super Kobra (click numbers at top of page for more colours). 1999 - 2014

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